Poster Contest Winners

Disability Matters Vote 2023 and the Arts AccessAbiity Network Manitoba (AANM) are pleased to announce the winners of creative poster design contest.

First Place - $500

Camila Albuquerque / Winnipeg

First Place: Camila Albuquerque

Camila's description of the entry:

I created a whimsical digital artwork to celebrate diversity, empathy, and unexpected connections and envision a world where differences enrich shared experiences.

Text description of the poster developed by the AANM:

This is a poster featuring computer graphics. The background of the poster is light blue that blends into pink in the centre. There are three characters holding hands. On the left is a young girl in a wheelchair. She has orange hair and white skin. She is wearing a red dress and red shoes. She is holding hands with the middle character, a white cat with black ears and pink cheeks. They are wearing a yellow party hat. The cat is holding hand with the last character on the right, a young girl holding a white cane.  She has dark brown curly hair and brown skin. She is wearing a blue jump suit with blue and white shoes, a blue beret on her head and red glasses shaped like hearts. Above the three characters is a speech bubble coming from the girl in the wheelchair. The speech bubble says “Disability Matters” in many colours. There is a pink heart below the speech bubble and above the cat.

Second Place - $300

Tyler Genaille / Winnipeg

Second Place: Tyler Genaille

Tyler's description of the entry:

I know what it's like to have a disability. But I also know that I matter and count.  Even though some of us have challenges we should all be treated like equals with the right to vote if we want to. I hope my poster gives the message that we ALL matter.

Text description of the poster developed by the AANM:

This is a poster featuring hand drawn images in pen and pencil crayon. The image shows three people holding up a sign that says “We are all equal people, our vote counts, WE MATTER” the lettering is black and “WE MATTER!!” has different colours of the rainbow. Behind the sign is a rainbow and the three people are standing on grass with a few flowers. The person on the left is a white man in a wheelchair. He is wearing a red and white baseball hat, a blue and orange shirt, blue jeans, a green fanny pack, black shoes and black square glasses. The middle person is a white man with long grown hair. He is wearing a bike helmet, a green t-shirt with a yellow smiley face, red shorts, blue shoes and a yellow fanny pack. The last person on the right is a white woman with chin length brown hair. She is wearing a green baseball hat backwards, a white tank top, a pink shirt and pink flip flops.

Third Place - $200

Brenda Giesbrecht / Winnipeg

Third Place: Brenda Giesbrecht

Brenda's description of the entry:

Punchy and attention-grabbing - This poster highlights the 5 main priority issues of the Disability Matters Vote 2023 and Arts AccessAbility Network Manitoba. These short lines will help others understand what those with disabilities and their loved ones fight for daily and why voting matters.

Text description of the poster developed by the AANM:

This is a poster featuring lots of text. The poster looks like lined paper with a red boarder on the top and bottom. The text reads: “VOTE because: We need accessibility, We deserve basic needs, We desire employment, We require services, We demand skilled support. DISABILITY MATTERS”

Congratulations to the contest winners and thanks to all the gifted folks who sent in entries.