Fair Wages for Those Serving Manitobans with Disabilities

Quality of life for all Manitobans depends on developing and maintaining close relationships with those around us.

Manitobans with disabilities deserve well-trained, qualified, and dedicated support staff who are attracted to these roles as a profession; not a stop-gap job opportunity. Due to high turnover and difficulty recruiting qualified staff, people being supported will have approximately 770 support workers cycle in and out of their lives. This reality negatively affects consistency and quality of support.

  • Low wages result in transient staff, high turnover, staff shortages, challenges in recruiting suitable staff, decreased knowledge and skill, and ultimately, support that simply cannot be provided in a way that respects the dignity of people who are being supported.  A living wage would go a long way to change these unacceptable realities.
  • DSPs in the disabilities sector are among the lowest paid human service workers in Manitoba. They are paid significantly less than those working in childcare and homecare support roles. Wages can start at $12.15 per hour, and many long-term, skilled staff remain at this wage level after 20 years.
  • Support agencies report 20% to 50% turnover rates for direct support professionals (DSPs).

Questions for the parties:

  • What will your party do to ensure a stable, fairly paid and qualified workforce providing service to Manitobans with disabilities?
  • Will your party commit to implementing equitable wages for all disability support workers, compare with other caring professions in Manitoba? If yes, how will your party accomplish this?