A Fully Accessible Manitoba

Manitobans with disabilities have the basic human right to fully participate in all aspects of life in the community such as work, study, shopping, and recreation. However, people with disabilities continue to face serious obstacles that prevent full participation in parts of life that most Manitobans take for granted.

Despite unanimous Legislative Assembly support of The Accessibility for Manitobans Act (AMA) in 2013, which was intended to close the gap between these human and legal rights and the lived reality of Manitobans with disabilities, only two out of five legislated and promised standards have been rolled out. At this rate, it will take ten full years until all standards are implemented.

  • The Manitoba government has reduced the AMA compliance requirements for 95% of organizations.
  • The government has also limited the potential of the AMA by removing buildings out of the Built Environment standard and narrowed the focus of the proposed standard to only address outdoor spaces and the design of public spaces. 
  • No plan has been developed to monitor and enforce compliance with the Act that will affect over 36,000 organizations in the province.
  • No resources have been provided to disability communities to support research and consultation to ensure Manitobans with disabilities have appropriate access to technical and legal resources.

The standards are also being implemented without robust and meaningful consultation with those who are affected by accessibility barriers.

Questions for the Parties

  • How will your party ensure that the AMA’s legislated promise of substantial progress towards full accessibility by 2023 is met in the next four years and will you commit to meaningful consultations?
  • How will your party ensure the timely and comprehensive prevention and removal of barriers in facilities, building and structures?