Disability Matters Vote releases Pandemic and Disabilities Issue Survey Report

Late last year, Disability Matters Vote asked our pan-disability community to share their experiences through the COVID-19 pandemic. Our goal was to capture a snapshot in time to help us develop plans to advocate for our community and place our energy where the needs are greatest, while also offering the information to government, policy-makers, decision-makers and other advocates  to help inform future process and supports.

We know that this pandemic has shone a light on the inequities within our community and this survey reinforces that point.  Themes of low-income, under-employment, unmet student support needs, lack of access to services, and recognition of the essential nature of the disability support workforce, are all represented in the feedback.  

For Disability Matters Vote, it strengthens our resolve to continue to build our community, to strengthen our voice and to find ways to work with decision-makers.  We must ensure that the voices of our pan-disability community are represented as policies and procedures are developed and decisions are being made. If you have any questions about the enclosed report, please don’t hesitate to reach out.  Again, we hope that the information is informative and also that it inspires action and commitment – together as a community, we need to ensure that our most vulnerable are considered, included and well-supported, always and most importantly, in times of crisis.

Pandemic and Disabilities Issue Survey Report (PDF)

Pandemic and Disabilities Issue Survey Report (Word)