DMVote News-in-a-Minute: Voting deadlines & DMVote watch party

DMVote News-in-a-Minute         

Important voting deadlines & DMVote election watch party!   

As the old saying goes, vote early and vote often. The provincial election is only five days away. DMVote asked Manitoba’s four political parties to define their stance on disability issues. 

Find out how the parties plan to address issues that matter to you, your family, and people you support. Then, have your say. Here’s how:   

ADVANCE Voting: If you haven’t yet voted at one of 300 advance polling locations in Manitoba, tonight at 8 pm is the deadline for voting early. Check ahead on polling station hours and locations, before you vote. Full details on advance voting here. Bring two pieces of ID, and if you got one in the mail, your voter card.

ABSENTEE Voting: Will you be away from home, or in a remote location on Election Day, Sept. 10th? Vote from anywhere in the world, but first apply to be an absentee voter, and no later than this Friday, Sept. 6th.  Take the Elections Manitoba application and your ID to your returning office this Saturday, the 7th, no later than 8 pm. The returning office will not accept late applications. All information on absentee voting here.

ACCESSIBLE Voting: Voting is more accessible that it’s ever before in Manitoba. Options: 

Homebound: You and your support worker can apply to vote in your home.Curbside: An elections officer can bring the ballot box to your vehicle.

Braille: Braille ballots and candidate lists are on-hand at all voting places.Magnifying tools - Magnifying rulers and large print candidate lists provided

Assistance: You can bring anyone 18 years or older to help you vote. A voting officer can also assist and help you hold the pencil to mark your ballot.

Language/ sign language interpreter: Contact Elections Manitoba before going to vote, to request these accommodations. Complete information on accessible voting here.

ELECTION NIGHT WATCH PARTY! As a great supporter and volunteer, you're invited to the DMVote election night party! We'll be watching all the televised commentary as the votes are counted and the results roll in. 

September 10th from 7-10 pm at Visions of Independence, 211-530 Century St.

Wine and beer will be sold (at cost). Snacks and pop provided! 

For info on the DMVote election watch party, contact Twylla Versluis at

Thank YOU, for everything you've done to make the DMVote campaign a success across Manitoba. Let's all vote, and celebrate together!