Tyndall Park

Questions Asked of Candidates

1. How have disability issues affected you and your family?
2. What do you see as being the greatest accessibility challenges within your constituency and what will you do to address these challenges?

Candidate Responses

The Green Party of Manitoba Candidate - Shane Neustaeter

Answer 1: I am a full time single parent. One of my children is autistic, one is suffering from PTSD, and my youngest (like myself) lives with ADHD... I also have 3 autistic grand nephews and have other relatives with different disabilities (autism, adhd, ocd, chronic depression, bi polar, and others).

I know first hand how hard it can be being on waiting lists. Sometimes you can end up waiting so long and then you can even find out it was for nothing and that you could have been doing something else. And then there are treatments or therapies that turn out to not even be covered and you are like "well where am i going to get $110 an hour to get help when i am broke because of the issues brought about by my or my childrens special needs?!"... It's a ridiculous circle of the stresses involved with raising children with special needs, especially on your own. 

When my oldest came to be with me full time, after his mother realized she wasn't equiped to deal with our son and his disability, with all his appointments and the aranging of all his needs cost me my full-time day job (one can not work in excess of 60 hours a week when you have an autistic child to raise). 
If it wasn't for the many programs and departments out there my childen and i wouldn't be able to get by, and even with them it isn't always easy.

Answer 2: There are so many different disabilities in the area that it is hard to make a definitive & educated opinion on the accessibility of resources and places in it... that said i do know that there is always more resources needed in the schools for special needs children, i found that all day kindergarten was very effective for my autistic son when he was young (one half day at school and the other half day at a resource centre) so i think that should be on the table. 
I think there should be a permanent number to call for assistance for when people who have some special needs and when the elderly need help going to the store. 
We need more therapists and specialists that are readily available in each area.
We need more awareness of the different forms of disabilities, this should be taught in schools as part of health classes...
If i was to become the MLA for the Tyndall Park Riding i would always remain open to the disabled community and would always push for full accessibility and equal rites and treatment for everyone. 
I don't have all the answers, but together with the help of the community we would have the opportunity to try and find them.

Manitoba Liberal Party Candidate - Aida Champagne

Answer 1: Personally, I have not been affected by disability issues within my family. However, I have some friends whose family members have a disability affecting them and the disability issues they face. Hearing about the financial burdens, limitations and lack of opportunities for my friend’s family is very upsetting. Every person, regardless of their disability, should be given equal opportunities to live a fulfilling life.

Answer 2: I have spoken to many constituents with disability issues within the community and their greatest challenge is having their voice heard. Accessibility to financial resources, employment opportunities and transportation are at the forefront of disability issues that need to be addressed. The first step in making improvements is coming together as a community and working together to find solutions.

New Democratic Party Candidate - Ted Marcelino

Answer 1. As MLA for Tyndall Park, I’m often asked what can be done to improve the lives of people living with disabilities and to make sure no one is left behind as the province grows. I believe in a province where all abilities are valued, diversity and independence are celebrated, barriers are removed and human rights are protected.  That’s why I’m committed to the NDP plan to fully implement the Accessibility for Manitobans Act, which will help remove barriers to people with disabilities.

Answer 2. I see accessing buildings and transportation services for those with mobility issues and other physical impairment as being the greatest accessibility challenge in my constituency. These challenges limit the participation of people with physical disabilities in the life of the community. The NDP sees accessibility as a priority. This is why the NDP government introduced the Accessibility for Manitoban Act in 2013. It will go a long way to removing barriers. We are committed to continuous consultation with stakeholders to identify and remove all barriers.

Progressive Conservative Party of Manitoba Candidate - Naseer Warriach

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