Questions Asked of Candidates

1. How have disability issues affected you and your family?
2. What do you see as being the greatest accessibility challenges within your constituency and what will you do to address these challenges?

Candidate Responses

Green Party of Manitoba Candidate - Bob Krul

Answer 1. I am not in agreement that people who appear different have a disability. In order to afford equal treatment to individuals, we must not stereotype people. As such I do not see people as having a disability.  Everyone’s potential is different. Perhaps not being as capable of doing things equal to others is not a disability but rather unique and should be appreciated for their effort. In that way, we can support everyone and anyone who wishes to participate in life in their own way. For example, my aging parents are limited to being able to only do things that meet their needs and keeping up with me or my children is not an option. But that does not mean that they suffer from a disability. We love and respect our parents for who they are and not what they can or cannot do. 

Answer 2. As we reside in an area with much green space, we have no issues with being able to enjoy the outdoors. And there are adequate retail facilities for necessary services with exercise equipment able to support a work out regime. However, in order to get to any facility, people would require public transportation which is also present.

Manitoba Liberal Party Candidate - Michael Lazar

Answer 1. My own experience with disability comes mobility issues due to arthritis that ultimately resulted in having hip replacements to both my hips. My wife has also suffers from mobility issues. As such we have both become very sensitive to things such as access issues, both for ourselves, as well as the impact that it has on our children (for example, our ability to keep up with them and help them in such things as the sporting activities that they may have).

We are sensitive to such things as the hardness of walking surfaces and how that effects our joints and general mobility, as well as the use (and sometimes, abuse) of disability parking accommodations, and of ramp-access and other user-friendly entrances to houses and buildings.

Answer 2. One priority I would like to address is to ensure disability access to all government buildings and offices. Another is to address walking surfaces in government building codes, especially in retail, office and recreational/entertainment structures.

New Democratic Party Candidate - Zach Fleisher

Answer 1. As a post-secondary student leader at the University of Winnipeg, I advocated for disability issues, including pressing the administration to fix elevators in a newly opened building when students with mobility issues were unable to get to their classes. As a Manitoba NDP candidate, I believe we need to continue to make Manitoba more accessible for everyone and ensure that everyone has equal opportunity.

Answer 2. The Tuxedo constituency is incredibly vast, and some areas are only accessible by vehicle, with paths often obstructed. As an MLA, I would advocate for a more accessible transportation system, including investments for appropriate programming in the constituency.

Progressive Conservative Party of   Manitoba Candidate - Heather Stefanson

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