Questions Asked of Candidates

1. How have disability issues affected you and your family?
2. What do you see as being the greatest accessibility challenges within your constituency and what will you do to address these challenges?

Candidate Responses

Manitoba Liberal Party Candidate - Chad Panting

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The Manitoba Party Candidate - Ajit Kumar

Yes, whenever we saw any disabled person it hurts because we are also the part of the society and we must support and help them. In the back of my MB Driver's License I have endorsed my every body part or organ to donate for research and transplant after my death and I believe in donating and transplanting than burying and burning and offering the 2nd life to someone in the same life.
I encourage everyone to think helping disable people physically, mentally, emotionally and financially and I hope some day we will have lowest rate in the world or no one disable on this earth.

New Democratic Party Candidate - Barb Burkowski    

Answer 1. My mother is on continuous oxygen therapy and has experienced positive support and programming through the Seven Oaks Wellness Centre. I have several close friends working in intellectual-disability multi-resident homes. My friends are careworkers who are successful in helping residents live to their full potential. It’s inspiring to hear stories of their triumphs as they strive to learn and cope with a challenging world.

Answer 2. The greatest challenge is often the attitudes of people who don’t live with disabilities. It’s too easy for those of us who don’t share that experience to be blind to the needs and challenges faced by people living with disabilities. We also underestimate the abilities of those living with disabilities.  Everyone has abilities. Everyone can participate and contribute to their communities. But they need to have a fair chance. 

In 2013, the NDP government established the Accessibility for Manitobans Act, which requires the development of accessibility standards in five areas including customer service, employment, information and communication, transportation and the built environment.

Progressive Conservative Party of   Manitoba Candidate - Blair Yakimoski

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The Communist Party of Canada- Manitoba Candidate - Darrell Rankin