River Heights

Questions Asked of Candidates

1. How have disability issues affected you and your family? 

2. What do you see as being the greatest accessibility challenges within your constituency and what will you do to address these challenges?

Candidate Responses

Green Party of Manitoba Candidate - Michael Cardillo

Answer 1. Yes disability has affected me greatly.  I have a family member who is disabled and his disability has robbed him of his livelihood. Mobility is an issue for him as he does not drive and he also has very little income.  Visiting a doctor for scheduled appointments require several hours because my family member needs to take the bus to the office. 

Answer 2. River Heights is fortunate because we have sidewalks on most our streets and the area is serviced by several major bus routes. However if the sidewalks and public transit are not properly maintained this will cause mobility issues for River Heights Constituents.  Based on my personal experience if someone is disabled, transportation to doctors’ appointments or performing regular errands can be difficult. The Green Party of Manitoba has a proposal which would benefit people with disabilities.  As part of our plan of reducing Manitoba Greenhouse Gas emissions, the Green Party will be introducing fare-free transit. This will reduce road maintenance costs and will reduce the bus transportation costs. The Green Party is also committed to expanding public transportation across the city and restoring bus service to rural areas.

Manitoba Liberal Party Candidate - Jon Gerard

Answer 1: As a physician, I have worked with many children with disabilities and with their families to know and understand the impact on their lives and their importance of reducing barriers to access physical spaces, to access work and to access recreational opportunities.  

As a father, one or our sons had dyslexia and struggled for years before finding his niche and doing well. 

As a husband, I have watched my partner, Naomi, who is a nurse work with individuals with disabilities for many, many years. 

As a son, I saw my father as he got older struggle with declining eyesight and reduced hearing, and I saw my mother struggle with the disability which resulted from her stroke. 

As a brother, I saw my brother deal with a hearing impairment which he had since birth. 

In all these roles I have sought to understand how others are dealing with disabilities and to help and assist where I can – finding ways for people to cope and to engage in the activities they love.

Answer 2: I see the need to address and overcome barriers to those with both physical and mental disabilities.   I believe we are moving toward a world where designs for universal access to living and working spaces for those with physical disabilities will increasingly become the norm for everyone.   Each of us, whether as we age or through an accident may become disabled and we need the spaces where we live and work to be adaptable to the new situation we find ourselves in.   

In the past, our world has gained so much from recognizing and accommodating our environment to those with disabilities.   The telephone was invented in part as a result of Alexander Graham Bell’s attention to hearing devices because his mother and his wife were deaf. Where would modern communication be without this invention?   

I see a need for much greater attention and responsiveness to those with mental or brain health issues.   I have worked with children and adults with Asperger’s Syndrome and see their potential, when they are provided effective support.    

The Manitoba Liberal Party is committed to improving the coverage of mental and brain health services under Medicare.  Specifically, we will put some psychologists services under Medicare like with services for doctors.   This will enable much greater access to mental and brain health services for those who need them.

New Democratic Party Candidate - Shafagh Daneshfar

Answer 1. When my grandma came to Canada for a visit, she had severe arthritis and could not walk for a very long time. We had to get her a wheelchair so she could enjoy all the amazing places that Manitoba has to offer. This was a very eye-opening experience for our family, because we had to make many of our plans based on the accessibility of the buildings. It was interesting to experience firsthand the importance of accessibility in buildings and in our city.

Answer 2. With an aging population, River Heights is increasingly facing the challenge of creating a more accessible neighbourhood. Improvements to infrastructure are critical to ensuring we have an open and accessible city we can all move around in and enjoy. I will commit to working with community members, community groups and other levels of government to make River Heights more accessible for all Manitobans. In my previous employment, I had the opportunity to work with representatives of the municipal government, including folks from John Orlikow's office. If elected I will continue working together on issues that matter to all constituents.

Progressive Conservative Party of Manitoba Candidate - Tracey Maconachie

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