Questions Asked of Candidates

1. How have disability issues affected you and your family? 

2. What do you see as being the greatest accessibility challenges within your constituency and what will you do to address these challenges?

Candidate Responses

Manitoba Liberal Party Candidate - Neil Johnston

Answer 1. Some family members are experiencing cognitive, sight, hearing and mobility disabilities.  This is hindering their  self-management, getting around to do basic activities of daily living and full participation in social activities.

Answer 2. Four fold ( in no particular order):

1.  Building codes and standards for residential and commercial spaces need to be modified to support disabilities; this includes new construction and renovation.

2.  Outdoor spaces need to be built for mobility enhancement and maintained, for example by efficient snow and ice clearing and timely repairs.

3. Retail and service providers (shops and personal service e.g. hair stylists)  need to a consider how to build in serving those with sensor and mobility disabilities into their business models.

4.  Employers need to evaluate and increase the participation of those with disabilities in the workforce including opportunities, wages and working conditions.

To address these challenges I will work with groups representing those living with disabilities, relevant community agencies, MLA colleagues and government officials (at all levels); with the aim of advancing the goals as set out by the DMV2016 campaign to build disability accommodation into daily government and public service work and decisions.

New Democratic Party Candidate - Christine Melnick

Answer 1. I have a close family member who lives with a severe mental illness. My family has always supported him and have relied on the services the NDP has put in place. We know how much harder it was when the Conservatives were in government, and I will work hard to ensure these services are protected. The NDP is the only party that has committed to all five priorities of Disability Matters, and I couldn’t be more proud to run for them.

Answer 2. Visitability is definitely a challenge in the community and one that needs to be addressed. When I was the Minister responsible for Persons with Disabilities, we held the first Housing and Disability forum. Representatives from the the disability community met to discuss how housing programs and policies could be improved to make housing more accessible, and safer for Manitobans with disabilities. It was through consultations and conversations like these that we saw the need for robust legislation to ensure accessibility for all Manitobans. We worked hard with the community to put in place the Accessibility for Manitobans Act.

Progressive Conservative Party of Manitoba Candidate - Rochelle Squires

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