Point Douglas

Questions Asked of Candidates

1. How have disability issues affected you and your family? 

2. What do you see as being the greatest accessibility challenges within your constituency and what will you do to address these challenges?

Candidate Responses

Green Party of Manitoba Candidate - Alberteen Spence

Answer 1. The subject of disability is very near to my heart and it concerns me more and more each day. How? My father was forced to retire after a horrible accident while working with the Canadian National Railways. He was only provided a short amount of Worker's Compensation and because of his low education, he had not realized the full benefits that he was entitled to.  His coverage was short and our family was left to rely on our mother to be the single income earner. There were 8 of children and one income earner, it created a great deal of strain on our family. But fast forwarding to today, one of my grand-nieces was born without sight. She is a early elementary student at William Whyte school in Point Douglas. She has high needs since she cannot see and there are very few resources for her. The issue doesn't stop there, I have many constituents that have various health issues that limit their mobility and finding the resources can be daunting. One of my nominators was on kidney dialysis twice a week. She is very ill and weak, her chances of a kidney transplant is low.  There is a friend in Point Douglas that is a handi-van driver, who is constantly busy and can't keep up with the demand of people who need to have medical attention and specialized health services. But, these services are not easily accessible and they are limited. Some people need more help getting around and some buildings are so old that they cannot get into them or visit because of the challenges of getting into the location. 

Answer 2. Disability matters to the Green Party and we will review this file and you can bet we will come up with solutions that will benefit all citizens and their needs for a healthier community life! We do have a retrofitting buildings policy for energy efficiency, but in the design we will also look into including the accessibility in all public spaces.

Manitoba Liberal Party Candidate - Althea Guiboche

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New Democratic Party Candidate - Kevin Chief  

Answer 1. In my family, my older brother Brent lives with an intellectual disability. Growing up he faced challenges and difficulties with bullying at school and within the community. With the support of our family and through the amazing people at Special Olympics Manitoba, he was able to build a sense of belonging that we all need. For 30 years Special Olympics Manitoba has provided positive experiences for my brother and thousands of persons living with intellectual disabilities. Gaining that sense of belonging was key for my brother to know that he could participate in our society.

Answer 2. We know that resources work best when a community is engaged. People struggle the most to know where to get access and assistance from programs and services. We need to continue finding ways to create structures that remove barriers and allow people to participate. We need everyone in our neighbourhood to be involved for us to be successful.

We found that it is easy to tell stories of hardship. Though it may be more difficult, it is important that we share and celebrate our stories of success. If we are going to ask people to overcome challenges, we can't just tell them it is possible - we have to show them people who have succeeded.

In Point Douglas, we are proud to have the Self-Starting Creative Opportunities For People in Employment's (SSCOPE) thrift store on Arlington Street. For over two decades SSCOPE has created partnerships that allow their members to find meaningful employment and volunteer experience. Participants have the opportunity to develop their skills and build their sense of dignity and self-confidence. In addition the Centre for Aboriginal Human Resource Development has customized services including access to training and employment programs for those with disabilities.

These are just two examples of support groups right here in our neighbourhood. Our community has always had a willingness to support those who are working through challenges and we have to keep sharing stories of success to show others they can overcome their challenges too.

Progressive Conservative Party of   Manitoba Candidate - Marsha Street

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The Communist Party of Canada- Manitoba Candidate - Frank Komarniski