Questions Asked of Candidates

1. How have disability issues affected you and your family? 

2. What do you see as being the greatest accessibility challenges within your constituency and what will you do to address these challenges?

Candidate Responses

Green Party of Manitoba Candidate -  Mike Urichuk

Answer 1. Most of the issues that run in my family either come in the form of mental health or in physical deterioration of our bodies as we age. My grandpa, who has now passed away, dealt with his limited hearing for a long time as well as limited mobility. He was a remarkable individual, progressive thinker, bright smile, and supportive partner to my grandma. However, as he aged, he did end up having to move to a facility where he had immediate access to care. My grandma, also being an incredibly supportive partner, moved with my grandpa to the assisted-living facility. We were lucky that the facility allowed this and that we were able to get grandpa into a home like this. He was able to live with his partner until his final days. 

Answer 2. In Morden-Winkler, we need to become more accessible across the board. We have recently started to comply with the accessibility act and make sure that individuals who travel in wheelchairs are able to access more and more buildings. That being said, the continued construction of ramps, sloped sidewalks, level entries into businesses, and automatic doors are required until all of Winkler and Morden is accessible. Mobile accessibility would also be aided by creating neighbourhoods that include housing, food, and health access all within the same area. By building newer neighbourhoods with jobs, grocery stores, and other daily necessities within walking distance, we are allowing better access for individuals who may not be able to travel long distances or afford vehicles in order to travel the required distance to find employment. In order to ensure individuals are able to transition to independent living (where applicable) the Green's Guaranteed Annual Income along with the disability top-up will help individuals live in our current neighbourhoods, as we look to invest in and develop more sustainable locales for all individuals.  Another major concern that I have heard in talking to constituents is that we need to be able to provide access to proper healthcare. There are many people in the Morden-Winkler area who are not able to receive the right kind of on-going care. We have patients in Boundary Trails that need to be there in order to access the resources that they need, however, their needs would be better met in a separate long-term care facility. The problem being that our long-term care homes do not have enough room or the proper resources in order to provide the long-term care needed for some people. Therefore, the patient must stay in the hospital to have their basic needs met. This leads to an added stress on the hospital as they now have to provide specific long-term care that should be provided by our long-term care homes. The Green Party is hoping to allow for an easier transfer of patient information to ensure that our resources are being used as effectively as possible. This change may cut down on return-visits to hospitals and allow for a collaborative, problem-solving approach. However, the big idea that the Green Party believes in is investing in preventative measures for the future. By creating a healthier population through healthy living initiatives and taxing foods that are high in sugar, we hope to lessen the stress on hospitals and long-term care homes even further.

Manitoba Liberal Party Candidate - Ben Bawdon

Answer 1. My family has not had disabilities affecting my family.

Answer 2. Within my constituency, the biggest struggle is being heard and understood. Disabilities can have effects on a various parts of life, so one solution does not necessarily help another. Anything from curbs being too high to government documents not being accessible can be a problem. To address this is to listen, hear, and advocate for those in my constituency who have troubles having their needs met. Much of the time is the lack of political priorities to help when those that need support the most are not receiving, and it is time for that to change.

New Democratic Party Candidate - Elizabeth Lynch

Answer 1. Disabilities issues have affected me as I have worked directly with people with disabilities. What I notice is that many of the services that they require still have many barriers that those living with disabilities have to overcome. We have made great strides in Manitoba in ensuring that those with disabilities have the care that they look for, but we still have many things we can continue to explore to make these services better and easier to access.

Answer 2. Speaking with my constituents, I know that many of our services are focused in Morden. Making sure that those who live in Winkler or other areas have better access to the services they require is a big priority for me.

Progressive Conservative Party of Manitoba Candidate - Cameron Friesen

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