Fort Rouge

Questions Asked of Candidates

1. How have disability issues affected you and your family? 

2. What do you see as being the greatest accessibility challenges within your constituency and what will you do to address these challenges?

Candidate Responses

Green Party of Manitoba Candidate - Grant Sharp

Answer 1: My family has not been directly affected  by  disability issues. I do have a second cousin who was born blind, but I have not been in touch with her since before High school when we stopped attending class together.

Answer 2: Because of my lack of direct experience with disability issues, it is hard for me to identify which issues might be most challenging for Disabled people in our riding. Having said that, I would imagine that accessibility would be a concern, as well as the rising costs of services. A Green Government would recognize these issues, and listen to other concerns and do our best to find solutions that work.

Manitoba Liberal Party Candidate - Rana Bokhari

Answer 1: After a long struggle with heart disease my dad had a series of massive strokes that ended up negatively affecting the left side of his body, including his ability to walk and using fine motor skills in his left hand.  We watched a very independent man become very dependant, but as time has gone on we are proud of how far he has come. There is allot of work to do in terms of accessibility and resources available for those in need--but strides have been made. I am a part of the generation that  provides care to a family members (parents) disability or aging needs like many people in Fort Rouge and Manitoba.

Answer 2: There are so many Manitobans with disabilities waiting in crisis because of delayed services. Our party has committed to Autism funding so that children can receive care in a timely manner. We are also committed to covering Mental Health services under Manitoba Health so no family has to struggle to access a psychologist.

The Manitoba Party Candidate - Matthew Ostrove 

Answer 1: I don't have any family members with any physical disabilities just one with Mental problems.

Answer 2: In Fort Rouge I believe many companies are compliant with the Manitoba Accessibility Act. If elected, I will ensure if there are companies who haven't will do so. I will also encourage companies to hire people with disabilities who are able to work.

New Democratic Party Candidate - Wab Kinew   

Answer 1: I have many close relatives who have lived with mental health challenges, and so I know that we need to continue to invest in health services, while also making sure that those services are delivered with a lot of compassion. As individuals, we also need to help spread awareness. By doing so, whether someone is living with thoughts of suicide, addiction or other mental health issues, we can ensure they know that it is safe for them to seek help.

I've also had relatives living with various mobility issues over the years. For instance, I installed a number of mobility devices for my dad in his home and helped him get around town before he passed. I’ve seen the challenges these individuals faced around accessibility in our province, and that's why I'm a big proponent for following through on the legacy of my predecessor in Fort Rouge, Jennifer Howard, in making sure the Accessibilities for Manitobans Act is fully implemented. This will ensure that all Manitobans have an accessible province when it comes to the workplace, the physical environment and for customer service.

Answer 2: There are a number of challenges I am paying attention to in Fort Rouge, both in terms of our physical environment and also in terms of employment equity for people living with disabilities. They deserve to be treated well, to be paid fairly and to find meaning through work in the same way anyone else can. The NDP is the only party committed to these issues, and I will work hard to make sure these are addressed as soon as possible. 

As one example, we need to make sure the sidewalks are cleaned regularly in Fort Rouge through the winter. This affects us all, but especially those living with disabilities, whose safety and mobility we must prioritize for a truly inclusive society. I look forward to working with City of Winnipeg representatives to make sure this happens.

Progressive Conservative Party of Manitoba Candidate - Audrey Gordon   

Answer 1: My family has experienced firsthand the challenges people with disabilities face in Manitoba.  I have a family member who has a serious mental health issue. He spent years in crisis while waiting for services and supports.  Timely access to a Psychologist or Psychiatrist would have significantly improved his quality of life, but wait lists were very long.  After a referral was made to support services, further delays occurred because the processes for accessing services were not clear.  Timely access to disability services is very important to ensure individuals with disabilities can participate in all aspects of public life.

Answer 2: People with disabilities who live in the community continue to face serious obstacles that prevent full participation in all aspects of public life such as work, study, shopping and recreation.  A recent issue that has been raised with me is the lack of sidewalks and streets being cleaned during the winter months to allow residents who use mobility aids to get around.  Resident with disabilities have also shared the need for more loading zone parking at entrances to personal care homes and seniors residences, including enforcement of parking regulations at these loading zones.  There is also a general sense in the community that more sloped sidewalks should be built and store owners should be encouraged to install auto door openers to allow people with disabilities to access stores.  A resident who is quadriplegic and uses a motorized wheelchair, shared with me that several times he has waited outside the entrance of a store for someone to let him in.  He believes that store owners are losing patronage as a result of this physical barrier.   

The Progressive Conservative Party of Manitoba is committed to the full and timely implementation of the Accessibility for Manitobans Act.  The Party has also committed to establishing standards in employment, transportation, information and communication and built environment.  To ensure that organizations follow the standards, the Party is supportive of the provisions for the inspection and enforcement of accessibility standards, including the ability to impose penalties when appropriate.

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The Communist Party of Canada- Manitoba Candidate - Paula Ducharme