Questions Asked of Candidates

1. How have disability issues affected you and your family? 

2. What do you see as being the greatest accessibility challenges within your constituency and what will you do to address these challenges?

Candidate Responses

Green Party of Manitoba Candidate - Kate Storey

Answer 1: I have friends who are disabled and I see their frustration when basic services are inaccessible or more difficult to access than they should be. I also have friends who enjoy their work with the disabled but are denied equal pay for equal work compared to others in the human service sector. 

On a positive note, group homes for the disabled are a major employer in my home town. Our community benefits from the diversity as it teaches tolerance and appreciation for those who are differently abled. Even our high school graduates benefit as they are more employable in the wider world because they come from a town where empathy is modeled.

Answer 2: The greatest accessibility challenge is the continued underfunding of local programs for the disabled, including the amalgamation of services and the underfunding of wages and transportation. It’s as if the disabled don’t count because they don’t have a voice. And yet, proper funding of programs and transportation would not only help the disabled, but also bring needed jobs into our rural communities. I believe that the government’s habit of underfunding programs has backfired and has made programs more inefficient and expensive while reducing the level of service.

As the MLA of Dauphin I will work to implement the Accessibility for Manitobans Act and fund it properly. The Green Party believes that all services should be decentralized with standards set through regulation but with local control over implementation. We believe that the cost to the government of higher wages comes back in greater taxes, more vibrant communities and more efficient service delivery. Greens invest in prevention, knowing that money which is invested up front for fair wages and good services will save money later.

Manitoba Liberal Party Candidate - Garry Gurke

In reviewing our Liberal platform I feel we are the party that offers the best choice for our citizens with disabilities. My first job ever was working at the Manitoba Development Centre in Portage La Prairie…this goes back many years now but has left a lasting impression on how important it is to make sure every citizen not only in my riding but all corners of our province are treated with dignity & respect…disability matters.

All too often there is a stigma attached to disabilities…through education we all need to pick it up…we can do better. Mental Health is one area of disabilities that is so totally stigmatized & one area I can and will be talking about should I become elected. This will be a priority for me throughout my term.

The Liberal party has committed 20 million to mental health & for the first time ever our province will be covering mental health services that were not an option for anyone on fixed income. Psychologists will finally be recognized for the leading role they can play in mental health challenges. All too often prescription drugs are the treatment options of choice when psychology is cost prohibitive to our residents. Dealing with the problems through psychology is the right thing to do in many cases & over time will prove cost effective not only lowering health costs but providing positive outcomes so patients can return back to their lives, jobs & families where they belong.

Of course mental health is not the only issue…there are so many more disabilities that need to be addressed. Both my parents struggled with disabilities…my father was an amputee & my mother had breathing difficulties that required 24 hour oxygen. The cost on their fixed incomes was always a challenge. I am sure there is not a family who has not had a loved one or friend that have not faced disabilities.

Our constituency of Dauphin faces unique challenges because of our location that is miles away from major centers. The cost of travel & accessibility only adds to issues facing our clients with disabilities. We need to work hard to find dollars in our budgets to make sure we can provide these services right here in the Parkland. Again education…careers & a fair living wage is the right thing to do. 

Should I have the opportunity to serve as your MLA my door will always be open to your organization. Please feel free to educate me as your MLA…so I can fully understand the needs of our persons with disabilities. We can all learn to do better.

The Manitoba Party Candidate - Darrell Inkster 

On behalf of myself as candidate I firmly believe that disabled folks need all the resources we can provide for them. I am a firm believer that our most vulnerable citizens need to be assisted and supported in recovery and with ongoing care. I myself have had a negative experience and absolutely HORRENDOUS treatment by the NDP government in regards to criminal actions against me on  a Manitoba  Hydro Dam project in northern Manitoba. and as a result in fact, required medical and counselling services BECAUSE  of the current government. Although the front line people who have helped me get through that traumatic event were and are absolutely EXCELLENT, it became painfully evident that the government itself is NOT conducive to helping disabled and short term disabled people recover and re- organize and move forward with their lives in dignity. I would like to CHANGE  that for sure and I think my personal experience and ongoing interaction with the ''system''would definitely help me make those changes if elected. I look forward to working with your organization and would love to have members from your group assist and have input DIRECTLY  with me to help effect meaningful improvements.

New Democratic Party Candidate - Darcy Scheller 

Answer 1: My husband had to give up his career and our family relocated because of a physical disability he acquired in the military. This has opened my eyes to the barriers and challenges that people living with disabilities face. As an employer, making modifications and accommodations for workers with disabilities, illnesses or injuries has always been important to me.

Answer 2: I believe that ER Upgrades at the Dauphin Region Hospital could improve accessibility at that facility. I will work hard to implement and enforce our Accessibility Standards in this hospital and other Dauphin health facilities. I'm proud to support a party committed to an assured income for persons with disabilities, increasing wages for service providers, including day services, reducing wait times for community living with more residential options, and fully implementing our accessibility legislation and standards.

Progressive Conservative Party of Manitoba Candidate - Brad Michaleski 

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