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Manitoba Liberal Party (MLP) - Candidate: Iqra Tariq

The candidate did not respond by our September 20, 2023 deadline

New Democratic Party of Manitoba (NDP) - Candidate: Uzoma Asagwara

Q: How have disabilities played a role in your life and the lives of your loved ones?

Through personal and professional experience, it’s been clear that more needs to be done to support progress towards an accessible Manitoba. Seeing the impacts of ongoing inequities serves as a reminder of the importance of taking a proactive approach.

Q: Which one of DMVote’s 5 priority issues is of the greatest interest to you and why?

Employment. I hear from people regularly that this is an area of priority and concern. Investing in a skilled workforce and providing access to consistent workforce and training opportunities are important steps.

Q: Disability discrimination has made up the largest share by far of all the formal complaints lodged with the Manitoba Human Rights Commission over the last 20 years. What do you think accounts for this and what do you think needs to be done to address it?

Ongoing lack of education and awareness contributes to challenges brought forward to the Human Rights commission. Government has a significant role to play in educating the public, working with organizations advancing equity-rooted policies and the implementation of legislation meant to make Manitoba more accessible.

 An NDP government led by Wab Kinew would respect the rights of all Manitobans. We would make life more affordable for people with disabilities. And we would ensure people with disabilities can access the health care they need when they need it.

The Progressive Conservative Party of Manitoba (PC) - Candidate: Aaron Croning

The candidate did not respond by our September 20, 2023 deadline