Turtle Mountain

Keystone Party (KP) - Candidate: Kevin Friesen

Q: How have disabilities played a role in your life and the lives of your loved ones?

I have two very close relatives that suffer from disabilities. Many Manitobans who do not have a close loved one do not understand these challenges these people with disabilities face. It would be amazing for every single Manitoban to serve a disabled person for one week. They would learn so much about what really matters! Every single Manitoban matters!

Q: Which one of DMVote’s 5 priority issues is of the greatest interest to you and why?

Accessibility: It absolutely pains me to see people with disabilities not able to enjoy a venue because of its accessibility. It is obvious that the existing structure is too complex for implementation, and in turn some businesses are just ignoring the problem. We, the Keystone Party, suggest you consider a marketing element to introduce business and accommodation owners to their responsibilities to the disabled. Our commitment to you is to replace failing government policies with policies you design. We believe that our elected representatives must be accountable to the people who elected them and that your local representative must be open to discussing your aspirations and needs whenever needed.

Q: Disability discrimination has made up the largest share by far of all the formal complaints lodged with the Manitoba Human Rights Commission over the last 20 years. What do you think accounts for this and what do you think needs to be done to address it?

The compassion dealt out by many of our politicians is non-existent. This in-turn leads to discrimination and is a poor example for all Manitobans. The lack of servant spirited attitude in our society trickles down to many areas, and disability discrimination is a victim of this. Keystone's approach on such matters would be similar to our position on justice. We need a justice system with teeth, and provides real consequences for repeat offenders. This will help our Manitobans realize the importance of treating their fellow Manitobans poorly.

Manitoba Liberal Party (MLP) - Candidate: Ali Tarar

The candidate did not respond by our September 20, 2023 deadline

New Democratic Party of Manitoba (NDP) - Candidate: Lorna Canada-Venegas Mesa

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The Progressive Conservative Party of Manitoba (PC) - Candidate: Doyle Piwniuk

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